My two youngest grandchildren, ages 8 and 4, love the aquarium.  Their mother bought season passes for all of us to go to the Newport Aquarium as often as we like.  The 8-year-old grandson gave aquarium-type names to all of us.  He is Jellyfish, his little sister is Dolphin, his mother is Shark, his dad is Barracuda, his aunt is Pufferfish, and I am Hammerhead (Shark). 

Yesterday, I was watching the two kids, confined in a small bedroom, while Jellyfish read excerpts from a book on the most dangerous sharks.  For a third-grader, he amazes me with his ability to read complicated words, to understand them and to remember them.  At the end of each of the segments, Dolphin wound up a mermaid music box and Jellyfish jumped to his feet, saying he couldn’t resist the music.  The two of them did a wild, crazy dance all around the floor, with Jellyfish doing all his famous “cool moves”.  The music ended and Jellyfish went back to reading everything anyone would ever want to know about sharks.  Then the music started again and they both went dancing around the small room. 

When it was about time for his mother to come home and all of the book had been read, Jellyfish proclaimed it the best party he had ever attended.  Dolphin and Hammerhead agreed.