When we visited Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio, last fall, I noticed so many quilts and wall hangings with a spinning star design.  I had never seen this particular block before and was happy to find a pattern for it in one of the many quilt shops in the area.  They call the pattern #124 STAR SPIN QUILT OR WALLHANGING.  I finally had a chance to try out the block in a smaller size which I made into a pillow. This is by Oregon Treasures, 4790 North Road G, Vale OR 97918.  (I received word on 5/13/08 that their phone has been disconnected, so this address might not be valid.)   UPDATE:  I received an e-mail on 7/17/08 (thanks, Jeanne) that a free paper-pieced pattern is available on the Quilter’s Cache website under the name, “Spinning Color Wheels”.

UPDATE:  On 2/5/09 received word from Dan that this is the correct phone number:  541-473-3754.

I like to make backings out of my huge pile of scraps.

It’s an interesting block to make and not that difficult although it’s easy to get the various colors mixed up.  The quilts on display in Amish Country used a very large version of the block in the center of the quilt and then smaller blocks (such as I used on the pillow) to accentuate the center.  I may try a large quilt some day but for now, I’m glad to have another interesting block to add to my files.