When I was in the hospital a couple of months ago, I was surprised at how chilly it could get at times, particularly when I was sitting in a chair or doing my laps down the hall hanging onto my IV pole on wheels.  I had my daughter bring over my favorite warm sweater but I couldn’t cover up the IV tubes with the sleeves and it kept slipping when I put it over my shoulders.

I had plenty of time to think and started designing something in my mind that would be pretty,  lightweight yet warm, easy to put on and take off, and would leave my arms and hands free.  I thought a short quilted cape might be the answer.

When I got home and felt better, I got out some nice pastel fabric and found a relatively simple block I liked called Good Luck Token on my quilting software.


I used a very easy Halloween cape pattern and cut it so that the bottom edge ended at my wrists.  I pieced the blocks and sewed them together to be the right size to cut out the pattern (two front sections and one back) and seamed them together.

I made another cape of plain fabric for the lining, added low-loft batting, fitted the layers together and did simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.  A binding around the edges finished it off.  I used Velcro for the closing so it would be easy to remove.


I hope I won’t have to take my cape to the hospital soon, but meanwhile it’s nice to wear when I’m sitting in the front of the fireplace, watching television.