Whenever I find a good buy on lemons in bulk – such as a bag I bought at Sam’s – I process them immediately for the freezer.  I had read that freezing whole lemons was a good idea, but it didn’t work out for me.  I prefer to wash and dry the lemons, then grate all of the peel to be placed in small containers for the freezer.

Then, I juice the lemons, strain out the seeds and pour into a container for the freezer.

From today’s lemons, I got two small containers of peel and a pint of lemon juice.

A few minutes on the kitchen counter will thaw the peel enough to get a teaspoon or two and a minute or two in the microwave thaws the juice enough to measure.  There doesn’t seem to be a problem with re-freezing.

I like to use fresh lemon juice in my cooking and I haven’t been able to notice a difference when using the frozen.  It’s handy when cooking just for my daughter and myself every day or for fixing meals for guests on holidays and weekends.