Twelve years ago, my youngest daughter started her tradition of celebrating Grandparents’ Day by giving me a mug with a picture of her four-month-old son on it.  The tradition continued and in 1993, my mug included a picture of my grandson and two-month-old granddaughter.  And now, today, I received my 12th mug to add to my Grandparents’ Day display on the mantel.  This year, the mug includes 11 scenes of activities through the year.

As soon as they were able to draw or write, I also received a handmade gift from each child.  This year, they made up little notebooks with thoughts about “My Grandmother”.  They know me pretty well.  Jellyfish (as he’s known here) said that I like to sew and cook.  Granddaughter Dolphin said, “My grandmother is good at being herself”.

Jellyfish said, “I like it when my grandmother makes apple pie”  and Dolphin wrote, “My grandmother likes to cook” and included a drawing of me in a chef’s hat with a knife in my hand.

After dinner, we went to a pretty park where the leaves are starting to change and fall is in the air.  My youngest daughter brought her dog, Frank, and my oldest daughter and Jellyfish walked my dog, Rusty.

Dolphin and I hobbled along with our walking sticks….

…and we all had a good time on Grandparents’ Day.