Yesterday, I happened upon a blog, Civil War Quilts, which is offering a free block-of-the-week pattern for making blocks to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  In addition to the block pattern, there are interesting stories and pictures of the war – worth checking out even if you don’t want to make the blocks.

I made the first block which was very easy to assemble and made an impressive block.  It would be better with reproduction Civil War fabrics, but I don’t have any and want to use what I have on hand.  I’ve tried to choose fabrics reminiscent of the time period.

Go to Barbara Brackman’s blog to get the free pattern.  For new quilters, this the way I assembled the block.

Cut the squares into triangles….

Lay out the triangles as indicated on the picture of the block from the post.

Beginning with the top row, join the triangles to make squares (1/4 inch seam).

Then join the four squares, pressing seams in one direction.

Continue with second row, pressing seams in opposite direction, and join to the first row.

Continue in the same manner, joining rows.  Trim to 8-1/2 inches

I’m going to try to make the new block each week and post it.  And I’ll look forward to reading the interesting Civil War stores on Barbara’s blog each week.

Civil War Quilts