This is block #4 in the Civil War block-of-the-week series offered by Barbara Brackman.  It is called Texas Tears.  Go to Barbara’s blog to get the pattern and to see the story and pictures related to this blog.

Cut the pieces according to Barbara’s instructions.   For new quilters, this is how I assembled the block:

Place the cut pieces in the proper position on a mat.

Starting with the pieces for the center block, using 1/4 inch seams throughout, sew a 4-inch strip of medium fabric to one side of the dark triangle, matching at the point that will be in the center of the block.

Sew the medium 4-inch strip to the side of the other triangle in the set and repeat this process with the other two dark triangles and medium 4-inch strip.  Press toward dark fabric.

Sew one side of 8-inch medium strip to one set of dark triangles.  Sew opposite side of 8-inch medium strip to the other set of triangles, being careful to match the center strips.

Trim to a 5-1/2 inch square.

Sew the small light and medium colored triangles together.  There will be a 1/4 inch tip on each end.

Press toward medium fabric.  Trim tips.

Sew top panel to center square (there will be 1/4 inch tips at each end.)  Press and trim tips.

Sew bottom panel to center square, press and trim tips.

Repeat in same manner, sewing side panels to center square, press and trim.

Sew corner triangles to center block, lining up the points to the center of the strips.

Press and trim to 8-1/2 inch square.

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