This is block #5 in the Civil War block-of-the-week series offered by Barbara Brackman.  It is called Kansas Troubles.  Go to Barbara’s blog to get the pattern and to see the story and pictures related to this blog.

I like to copy the pictures and directions, paste on a word document page and print for reference.  I print on filler paper that can be inserted in a binder along with the finished block.

For new quilters, this is the way I assembled the block.  I hope your points turn out better than mine.

Update: In my original post I had given the wrong measurements for the finished section and the unfinished block.  The figures below are correct.

Use 1/4-inch seams throughout.

Cut the fabric according to directions.  Note: To avoid piecing very small triangles, for “C”, I cut 8 light and 8 dark pieces 2×2 inches square.

To assemble the “C” light/dark triangles:

Place one piece of dark and one piece of light 2-inch squares right sides together.  Draw a line across the center of the light square.

Draw a line 1/4 inch from the center line on both sides.

Place the piece on the sewing machine with the needle on the line to the left of the center line.  Stitch along this line and without breaking thread,

turn and stitch on the opposite line 1/4-inch from the center.

Cut on the center line to make two half-triangle squares,  Press to the dark fabric and lining up the 45 degree angle on the ruler, trim each block to 1-1/2 inches square.

Complete the remaining 7 pieces to give you a total of 16 half-triangle squares, 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches.

For the corner triangles “C”,  cut 4 dark pieces 1-7/8 x 1-7/8 inch square.  These pieces will be cut into 2 triangles each – a total of 8 dark triangles.

Normally, I would lay out all of the pieces of the block in the correct order, but to avoid confusion on this block, I lay out one section at a time.

Sew the two “C” squares along the left edge together.  Join those to the “D” block, aligning the bottom edges – there will be a 1/4 inch tip at the top.  Press toward “D” and trim the tip.

Sew light “B” to the two “C” squares along the bottom edge, being careful that the points are going in the right direction.  Press and trim tip.

Sew this section to the bottom of “D”

Sew the two corner “C” dark triangles to the piece.  Press and trim.

Sew this pieced triangle to “A”,  pressing toward “A”.

Press and trim.  This section should measure 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches.

Assemble remaining three sections in the same manner.

Lay sections on a mat in the correct order, referring to the picture from Barbara’s blog.

Join the two pieces in row 1, and then in row 2.  Join rows 1 and 2.

Press and trim to an 8-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch block (8-inch finished)

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