Civil War Quilt–Block 6–Richmond

This is block #6 in the Civil War block-of-the-week series offered by Barbara Brackman.  It is called Richmond. Go to Barbara’s blog to get the pattern and to see the story and pictures related to this block.

I like to copy the pictures and directions, paste on a word document page and print for reference.  For new quilters, this is the way I assembled the block.

Use 1/4 seams throughout.

I cut and assembled the fabric in a way that would make it easier to machine piece the block:

“A” – Cut 2 medium and 2 medium-dark squares 4×4 inches.  Draw a line down the center of the medium squares (or fold squares in half and press).  Draw lines 1/4 inch from each side of the center line (or use a 1/4 inch foot).  Place the marked medium square on top of the medium-dark square, right sides together.  Starting on the left hand side, stitch 1/4 inch from the center…

…and without breaking thread, turn and stitch 1/4 inch from the center line on the other side.

Cut along the center line, forming two half-triangle squares.  Press toward the medium-dark fabric and trim to 3-1/8 inches square.

Repeat with remaining medium and medium-dark squares.  You need 4 half-triangle squares, 3-1/8 inches square.

“B” – Cut 4 dark and 4 medium-light squares 2-1/4 inches.  Cut each into 2 triangles with one diagonal cut.  You need 8 triangles of each shade.

“C” – Cut one dark square 3-1/8 inches

“D” – Cut a strips of medium-light and light fabric 1-1/2 inches x 12 inches.  Place the strips right sides together and join with a 1/4 inch seam.  Press open toward the medium light fabric and cut into 1-1/2 inch segments.

Sew two of these segments together to form a 2-1/2 inch square.  You should have 4 of these squares.

Sew triangles “D” to block “B”, being careful to put the two dark triangles on the lower portion and check to see that the 2-1/2 inch block is in the right position.

Sew one dark triangle to the block and then the opposite medium triangle.  Line up the point of the triangle with the center of the block.

Repeat to complete the section.  Press and trim to 3-1/8 inches square.

When all four of these blocks have been assembled, lay out the complete block on a mat.

Sew the first row together, pressing away from the center.  Sew row 2, pressing toward the center.  Sew row 3, pressing away from the center.

Join the 3 rows together, using a scant 1/4 inch seam.

Press and trim to 8-1/2 inches square.

See the previous blocks in this series in my category list on the right hand side of the page – Quilting – Civil War Quilts.

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Lillian Applegate Westfelt was a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and great-grandmother of 3. She was an 86-year-old widow living in a nice little bungalow with her oldest daughter and a beagle-dachsund named Addie. She passed away in November, 2018.

12 thoughts on “Civil War Quilt–Block 6–Richmond”

    1. Note that there’s a mistake in her directions where she’s talking about “D”

      D – Cut 8 medium light and 4 light squares 1-1/2″

      It’s obvious from looking at the block that you have to have 8 of each. Several people commented on this so I didn’t bother. Otherwise, the block is easy, although it’s 1/8″ short of 8-1/2. It has to be – 3 blocks @ 3-1/8 = 9-3/8 less the 1″ for seams = 8-3/8. Luckily, that much, the quilter can fudge. Lillian

  1. Thanks Lillian! I am now piecing my second version of this one, very pleased to read about the size difference! My Math is not perfect but even I could see that this block was NEVER going to get to 8 1/2″

    1. Thank you for your comment and for introducing me to your blog. It is so beautiful and sensitive. I lost my only sister in December and can appreciate and relate to so many things you said. I’ve added your blog to my feed so I can keep up with what you’re doing. Lillian

      1. Lillian, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. I hope your memories of her will overshadow your pain in the coming weeks and months. It is never easy to lose a loved one. You are too kind about my blog, but I thank you. Please take care and thanks for sharing your talents. You will be in my thoughts.

  2. Thanks so much Lillian for coming by my blog.

    Thank you for breaking down the piecing process of the CW block in more detail. I’ve not done mine yet, will soon.

  3. Lillian,

    Thanks for breaking down the instructions on the Barbara B blocks. I’ve not had much trouble thus far but it’s nice to know I have you as a backup should I run into trouble.

    I’m sure beginner quilters are loving you!!

    1. Thanks for your comment and for introducing me to your blog. After seeing some of the projects you’ve made, I can’t imagine your having problems with any of the blocks. I’m just hoping I’m able to do all of them and post easier instructions for new quilters.

      I’ve added your blog to my feed so I’ll be able to keep up with what you’re doing – and a belated happy birthday. Lillian

  4. Thank heavens I found your blog! Without it, this beginner would be so confused. This is my first block of the whatever and wouldn’t you know that I would choose one with poor instructions. So, that is when I found you and your wonderful instructions. I am currently working on the Richmond block and it is going together just fine (thanks to you) Please don’t leave me!

    1. As a new quilter, this probably wasn’t the best series to start out with. A lot of people are having problems with the Richmond block in particular. You will certainly get a lot of experience quickly making these blocks.

      I love the history lesson and the blocks themselves but I do think the author should give better attention to details and instructions. I’ll be anxious to hear how you get along with this project. Lillian

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