Aunty Henny recommended this ruler to help in cutting half-square triangles.  Here is the Wonder Cut website with instructions and information on using the ruler.  Look on the internet for a range of prices.  I got a good price and fast delivery at Connecting Threads.

As soon as I received the ruler, I used it to make a block called Oklahoma Twister which has 16 half-square triangles.  I found this block on a great web site, The Golden Thimble, which has a lot of free patterns for some wonderful blocks.

Aunt Henny gives further instructions and tips for using the ruler and I’m adding my own:

  • Cut strips the width of the desired half-triangle from 2 strips.  Example:  I wanted to make 2-1/2 inch half-triangles.   Don’t make the mistake I did and use a regular ruler to cut the strips of fabric.  Use the Wonder Cut Ruler and cut along the line marked “Cut Along This Edge”.

  • With right sides together, sew a 1/4 inch seam down both long sides of the strips making a fabric tube.

  • Press both sides of the tube and using the diagonal lines of the Wonder Cut Ruler, align the the line for the desired size of the unfinished half-square triangle along the bottom edge of the fabric.  Cut along both edges of the ruler.

  • Flip the fabric strip and align the ruler with the cut edge and bottom edge of fabric and cut again (point will be just below the quarter inch seam on the opposite side.  Note that this cut and succeeding cuts will have the tail trimmed on one side.

Press to dark fabric and trim tails.  If your sewing and/or cutting are a tiny bit off, there might be a sliver of fabric to trim.  This process is so much easier and faster than drawing lines, pressing centers, cutting, etc.  Use these great pieces in an interesting block like Oklahoma Twister.

There are also instructions on the Wonder Cut website for making three-part and four-part triangle squares, but I haven’t tried those yet.

Aunt Henny has a wonderful blog which includes her experiences in piecing blocks and the lessons she learned.  If you’re doing the Civil War Quilt block-of-the-week, you need to check out her tips.