Every year in June, my two daughters take the two grandchildren (known here as Dolphin and Jellyfish) on a special, kid-friendly trip.  This year, they chose Chicago and in addition to all the museums, shops and parks, they visited the American Girl Place.  Dolphin had just received her first American Girl doll, Kit from the 1930s era.  Her mother asked me to make a dress for each of them to wear for their visit.

I used Simplicity Pattern 2675 for Dolphin’s dress, and McCall’s M4336 for Kit’s.

At American Doll Place, they walked into an American Girl doll wonderland with all kinds of shops and displays.

There was an exhibit for each doll with vintage items.  Kit’s display included an old school desk, a pencil box and her pink sweater.

There was a beauty shop where Kit could get a pedicure and hair styling.

Kit looked beautiful after her visit to the beauty salon.

In the afternoon, they attended a tea in a beautiful dining room.

The selection of little sandwiches and pastries was wonderful.

Dolphin enjoyed the pink lemonade.

Everyone enjoyed the food.

Big brother Jellyfish was a good sport at a very “girly” affair.

Later, he took a nap in the lobby after American Girl Doll-overload.

For her 8th birthday on July 1, Dolphin chose another doll to join Kit.

It was a great visit to Chicago for all of them and OK with Jellyfish because he also got to see dinosaurs, dolphins and whales.