A Trip to Amish Country (Ohio)

Last week, my oldest daughter and I made a return trip to Holmes County (Ohio) Amish Country.  We have been visiting this area since 1998 and always stay at Mel and Mary’s Cottages in Charm.  They converted part of their Mennonite farm to cottages for visitors.

On either side of their property are vast stretches of fields and hills.  Sitting on the porch, this was my view to the right….. (click on pictures for a clear view of this beautiful countryside.)

…and this was my view to the left….

We had to get a close-up shot of these beautiful horses.

In my opinion, the area ranks right up there with Vermont and Switzerland for having the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Around every bend there is another stunning view.

In addition to the peaceful, quiet stay at Mel and Mary’s and the gorgeous scenery, there is a large shopping area with restaurants, quilt shops, gift shops, antique malls, wonderful Amish markets ….. the list goes on and on ….. and amidst all of this, the Amish go about their daily lives in their black buggies with the beautiful sleek trotters.

I got quite a bit of fabric, including yardage and fat quarters ….

And one of my favorite things to buy – a bag of scraps left over from making quilts.

I found one piece of fabric I especially liked – Windham Fabrics Floursack by Whistler Studios (Style #33073).  The vintage floursack labels have borders of floursack fabric.

A Google search pulled up several sources for this fabric including Amazon.com and Hancock’s in Paducah, KY.

At an Amish market, we enjoyed huge scoops of homemade ice cream and I found Concord grapes which are difficult to find in our area.  I made my favorite Streusel Concord Grape Pie as soon as we got home.

Another beautiful trip to Holmes County.

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Lillian Applegate Westfelt was a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and great-grandmother of 3. She was an 86-year-old widow living in a nice little bungalow with her oldest daughter and a beagle-dachsund named Addie. She passed away in November, 2018.

8 thoughts on “A Trip to Amish Country (Ohio)”

  1. I love visiting Ohio Amish country, it has been a while, I think 2002. Such lovely gentle people. Not sure if it was Holmes county, as my brother-in-law was driving. I know we went to Lehman’s store in Kidron. We were there on a Wednesday and about 5 or 6pm we saw buggies coming from all directions and pull into this one lot with a large building. We think that it might have been a wedding, since they don’t get married on week-end.

    1. If you were in Kidron, you were in Holmes County. I love that Lehman’s store. I very much prefer this area to the more famous Lancaster PA. Lillian

  2. Beautiful scenery! I have always wanted to visit an Amish or Mennonite area. I would love to visit some of the markets.
    You got some really sweet fabric too!

  3. Thank you for the information. I just booked a cottage at Mel and Mary’s afew minutes ago. It seems as though the area is quite popular, we’ve been having a little trouble finding a suitable cabin for the last week of June. There doesn’t seem to be much info or additional photos of the cottages on-line. I’m glad to have found your posting, which confirmed my thoughts that the place would be perfect. The price was great(99 per night for four nights), and the location seems perfect too.

    1. So long as you don’t mind the restrictions on smoking and drinking, this is the perfect spot. My daughter and I go there almost every year, always in the fall, but this time of year should be beautiful, too.

      Thanks for letting me know. Lillian

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