This is block #41 in the Civil War block-of-the-week series offered by Barbara Brackman.  It is called Red, White and Blue Quilt.  Go to Barbara’s blog to get the pattern and to see the story and pictures related to this block.

This is a difficult block – I completed it but I’m not too happy with it.   It’s a difficult block to sew and even more difficult to describe how it was done.  New quilters might want to piece the star and then applique it onto an 8-½ x 8-½ inch background fabric.  I pieced the entire block and, amazingly, it did finish out to 8-½ x 8-½ inches. Here is how I assembled the block:

  • Download and save the template, then print it out.  Or enlarge and print from the sketch on Barbara’s blog post.

  • Pin the template pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric and trace around the template.  Then add ¼ inch seam allowance.  Cut out each piece, leaving the pattern pinned to the back for reference.

Place the pieces on a mat in the correct order.

Using ¼ inch seams, stitch the star segments together, beginning with “F” and continuing clockwise as Becky suggested.  Pin or mark the “F” piece to show where the top of the piece is.  Remove the template before sewing each piece.  Stop stitching at 1/4 inch from the center of the star on each segment.  Press.

At this point, you could applique the piece onto an 8-½ x 8-½ piece of background fabric, turning under ¼ inch on the star.   Or you could trim ¼ inch from the outer edge of the star and use a fusible web and a decorative stitch to applique the star to the background fabric.

If proceeding with the piecing, stitch the background pieces to the star, stopping at the 1/4 inch pivot points.  I would suggest stopping, cutting thread and beginning again each time at the pivot point.  Press.

Piece should measure 8-½ x 8-½ inches.

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