This is a very easy paper-pieced Santa ornament.  If you’re familiar with paper piecing, it will be a breeze to make and if you’re not, this is a good introduction.   For the pattern and complete instructions, go to

There is also a link on that post to a good paper piecing tutorial.

The pattern called for small black buttons and a red pompom which I didn’t have.  Instead, I removed the paper backing after doing the paper piecing and embroidered two French-knot eyes and some red lines for the mouth.

Luckily, I did have some small bells for the hat.  A small white pompom would also work well.

On the Pinwheel Ponders blog, there are several examples of different fabrics used on the ornaments.

I chose to hand stitch a wire hook to the ornament for hanging.

Although not required, I have these tools on hand for paper piecing and turning small items.

The 1/4 inch paper piecing ruler, the hemostat and the point turner have been useful so many times on past projects.  I bought the hemostat (item 3022) and the point turner (item 3009) at Quilt-in-a-Day.  These items are sometimes at your local quilt shop.