For over 40 years, my oldest daughter and I have exchanged gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas.  For us, the 12 days are from December 12 through December 23 – sort of a Christmas countdown.  The idea originally was to have a small gift (around $1.00) to unwrap each morning.  Even 40 years ago, it wasn’t easy to find things for a dollar and our exchanges have always included handmade gifts, depending on what our interests are at the time – crocheting, embroidery, lacemaking, sewing, quilting, decorative painting, jewelry making, homemade cookies/candy, etc.

Currently, our gifts average around $2.00 and my daughter has a special talent for finding unusual, inexpensive items at thrift stores and antique shops.  She shops all year long and has a dazzling array of small gifts for our exchange.  This is what I received this year.

Handmade items:  Two crocheted Christmas mini-doilies, three pair of earrings and a felted credit card holder

Thrift shop and antique store finds:  A 1970s child’s Scottie teapot and plate, a tiny covered dish with violets, two candle holder plates with a blue design, a lighthouse candle holder (I display lighthouse and beach items every August), a vintage cooking notebook with some handwritten recipes, a vintage Scottie greeting card (love Scottie designs), and probably the best buy at $2.00, a 100-year-old 1911 calendar plate.

My daughter lives with me and it’s such fun to get up each morning for these 12 days to open our gifts.  We also wrap up a little dog treat so our 13-year-old hound, Rusty, can share in the celebration.