Now, that the 53rd block in Barbara Brackman’s Civil War series is completed, I’m ready to begin putting the blocks together.  I don’t have a large design wall and I’m too old to get down on the floor to lay out blocks, so I turned to my Electric Quilt software.  I took pictures of the blocks as they were sewn, so it was easy to import the images in that order.  (I was waiting for the final block to be posted on this printout.)

Since my daughter who will be receiving the quilt wanted a particular custom size, I created a layout using 47 of the 53 blocks and made up one extra Sawtooth block so I could use an additional family picture.  I planned on 1 inch finished sashing and borders measuring 3 inches at the top, 2 inches at the bottom and sides to reach the required dimensions.

I used this printout to choose which blocks to eliminate and to switch the blocks around the way I thought they would look best.  This was all done on the computer – then I had another layout to work with.

In a large binder, I have been keeping the blocks in a plastic holder along with the original instructions and my notes.

Using the printout of the revised layout, I placed the blocks and instructions in sets according to row.

I took one row of blocks with me when I went shopping for fabric.  I already had colors in mind because I had auditioned them in the software ahead of time.  For the border, I chose a maroon with little gold stars and the same color of gold for the sashing.  For the cornerstones I chose a green that was in some of the fabrics in the blocks.

Now, it’s time to make up a block and see if it is what I expected it to be with the sashing and cornerstones.

I think this is going to work out well and today I finished the first row.

I’ll continue sewing the blocks row by row, and assembling them to make the quilt top.

Note:  Barbara has posted two labels that can be printed for the Civil War Quilt.