I came out to breakfast this morning to find this wonderful hanging my oldest daughter had made.  She lives with me and likes to surprise me with advance gifts on holidays.

She scanned a picture and then colorized it and appliqued it onto a vintage standcover.  She did all of the embroidery, hand quilting, crocheting and embellishing – she even made a hanger for the piece.

I remember the day the picture was taken very well.  It was in the summer of 1949 at the house in the country where my grandmother and aunt lived.  I would be beginning my senior year in high school in the fall and my sister (the blonde) would be in her freshman year.  My mother (center) made our dresses which were of very light voile.  We were wearing the latest fashion in shoes that summer – flat black ballet slippers and carrying matching purses.  We dressed alike very often since it was more economical and efficient for my mother to make two dresses in the same style of the same fabric.

Mother passed away in 1991 and my sister, in 2010.

I love this Mother’s Day memento.

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