Hi, all! Sorry I didn’t post anything about Mom earlier on Monday. There wasn’t that much of a change most of the day, although Mom was definitely doing better. It turned out the medicine they gave her for nausea was giving her nausea, and she had a couple of other issues. Today she was able to get out of bed and sit up in a chair—yesterday (Sunday) she couldn’t even roll over without extreme pain.

I visited her mid-afternoon and she was groggy, but we talked the entire hour I was there. She even raised herself in her bed, another good sign that the pain had diminished.

Then this evening she called me herself to say they’re talking about her coming home late tomorrow (Tuesday—which, in hospital-speak, means in the evening, I assume). I think they want to check on a couple of things and send her down for a physical therapy session. So, fingers crossed, she may be back home by this time tomorrow.

I told her about all the wonderful messages she has from her blog friends. I’m sure it will be a special kind of medicine to read all your comments. Thanks so much for being so positive and supportive of her.

When I have any additional specific information, I’ll post it here. Thanks again!