ns card

Every year, I try to come up with a handmade original Christmas card for my two daughters and two youngest grandchildren.  These have been in many forms in past years and this time, I decided on fabric cards.  I started by choosing the four envelopes and cut the fabrics so they would fit.

For the two daughters, I made small Dresden plates from Christmas fabrics, sewed non-woven fusible interfacing to them, trimmed, turned and appliquéd the plates onto a piece of 4×5 fabric which would fit my envelopes well.  I cut a backing the same size, sewed right sides together with an opening for turning, then top stitched.  I included a panel on the backing with my handwritten “to-from” information.  A button or other embellishments can be added.

I always include a dollar bill with the grandchildren’s cards, so in this case I made a pocket big enough to hold a bill or check or gift card and appliquéd it to a 4×5 piece of fabric.  Then I added the backing as I did for the Dresden plate cards.  It made a nice little holder for their dollar and is something their mother will save for them as a keepsake.

money card
The most time I spent was in doing the piecing, but a cute piece of fabric would work just as well.  A quick, easy project.