When I lost my 14-year-old hound, Rusty, a few weeks ago, I thought I would have to wait awhile before I could even consider another dog.  But my daughter and I were lonesome, it was much too quiet in the house and we agreed it might be well to think about getting another pet.  We support a rescue group in Cincinnati, Recycled Doggies, which takes dogs from rural shelters with a high kill rate, places them in foster homes and makes sure they are healthy and ready to go into a new home before they are offered for adoption.  Through Facebook, I watch the dogs come and go and when I saw a beagle/dachsund mix, female, 1-2 years old, arrive in town, I kept an eye on her and saw that she would be up for adoption at a big Furry Valentine event in our area this past weekend.  We were there when they opened the doors and I knew immediately, she was the dog for me.

She’s very shy and doesn’t seem to know any commands or even how to walk on a leash, but she’s eager to please and I know my daughter and I are going to enjoy having her share our home and our life.

We named her Addie (thinking of the little girl in House Without a Christmas Tree and also in the movie, Paper Moon).   She enjoyed meeting the grandchildren on Sunday.

Although she doesn’t bark, it’s not nearly as quiet in the house now.