I joined Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue  to make two Super Star cushions.  I had some leftover jellyroll strips of Civil War reproduction fabric and thought this pattern would be a good one to convert to a small size to fit my table topper rack.  I cut the strips into 2-½ inch blocks for half-squares and then trimmed them down to 2 inches to use with some 2-inch white squares, following Deanna’s instructions.  The center block measured  6-½ inches unfinished.

I had seen a pattern somewhere that used a Lemoyne star center surrounded by portions of the star to form a frame.
faux center

I used 2-inch half-square triangles and squares to do this.  It took awhile but I finally got these portions all in the right position.

I put the top and bottom portions on first…

…then added the side sections.  This made an unfinished 12-½ inch piece.  I used a few strips to make a top border which made it exactly the right size for my table topper.  I quilted in the ditch and used some decorative stitching in the background blocks.

faux border
It would have been difficult to do a traditional Lemoyne Star in such a small size.  This easy pattern gives me similar results.


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