We got our little beagle/dachsund Addie in February and found that she loves to ride in the car.  She also sheds a lot and my daughter thought it would be nice to have a quilt that would fit in the back seat for Addie to sit on while enjoying her rides, as well as one that could be easily removed if someone needed to sit in that spot and not be covered with dog hair.

I used all kinds of scraps, blocks, and bits and pieces (not coordinated at all) to put together a quilt for Addie.


I didn’t use batting but stitched some rows to hold the backing in place and stitched on a binding.

The piece is 28 inches wide x 53 inches long with the top portion tucking under the headrest.  It stays in place very well.


Somehow, Addie seems to enjoy her car rides even more now.

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