Indian Summer Paper-Pieced Block


My blogger friend at knitNkwilt posted about an interesting paper-pieced block called Indian Summer.  There’s a free downloadable pattern on  I like paper piecing for small projects and the 12-inch block plus a 2-inch border makes a piece that is perfect for my mini-rack….


….for two separate spots in my kitchen…..



…and for what we used to call a “stand cover” or table mat….


I was able to reduce my bags of black, white and red scraps a bit and have two pieces that will get a lot of use.

15 thoughts on “Indian Summer Paper-Pieced Block

  1. I really like these. It’s amazing the different looks you’ve got and really think the block is cute under the apples.

  2. Oh, I liked the red one and then I saw the black one! These look great. There’s no way I’d make that block without paper-piecing, that’s for sure! Great job.

  3. Block reminds me of “Card Trick” which can be a doozie to piece — paper piecing would certainly make it easier. Like them all but the first red one is very striking.

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