I’ve been wanting an extra chair that I could  bring into the living room when I have company.  Normally, I only sit comfortably in one corner of my couch and I really needed that space for guests, so I was looking for a lightweight chair that would fold and store easily, and also that was configured to my particular back problems.  I found just the right chair in an antique mall.  I estimate it to be 1930s era (the same as I am), it folds, is lightweight and is made of a vintage wood that looks nice in the living room.  The only thing I didn’t like was a recent canvas strip seat replacement that was bright orange.  Naturally, the orange peeped out from under any cushion I used.


I solved this problem by buying a remnant piece of heavy, dark brown flannel and cutting/hemming two strips that would cover the orange material.  For right now, I’m just pinning the underside of the strips and when I’m sure they’re the way I want them, I’ll hand stitch with a heavy-weight thread.

Vintchr-pins vintchr-seat

I had recently made a couple of 16-inch cushions, using up scraps, and they work out well for the chair.

The top cushion is a Variable Star block from my EQ6 software and a small embroidered panel.
The bottom cushion is a pattern called Delft Star from Judy Martin’s Stars and Sets software.

I believe I have exactly the chair I needed and I’ll have fun making up different pillow sets.