A Staycation Day in Adams County, Ohio


For many years, my daughter and I traveled to Holmes County, Ohio, to spend several days in Amish Country.  I can’t travel too much any more and we have been taking one day a week during September to visit an area that is not too far away.  This week, we decided to drive about an hour and a half to a small Amish community in Adams County.  It was well worth the driving time and, in fact, the drive was a really enjoyable part of the day.

We started off the day with brunch at a Cracker Barrel in nearby Milford, Ohio.  I recommend the pecan pancakes but unless you have a hearty appetite, order just two pancakes – not three as I did.  They are huge!

crackerbrl (3)

We wanted to visit Miller’s Amish store in West Union and I was especially anxious to shop in the Bulk Foods building.  I bought some hard-to-find items along with pumpkin fudge to eat on the way home.

IMG_3311 - Copy

They have a large selection of furniture and I especially liked this glider with the morning glories.  My daughter said it was very comfortable.


My daughter loves to travel the back roads and we passed many houses with the familiar Amish clothing drying on clothes lines and an occasional buggy.  We also passed one buggy on the road, trying to contend with automobile traffic on a bridge.  These horses were beautiful but kept their heads hidden behind a fence.


This was one of the back roads we traveled with no traffic at all.


We were able to cross over a perfect covered bridge.


To me, it was a condensed trip to Amish country with everything we wanted to see, only there was less of it.  A very successful staycation day.


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Lillian Applegate Westfelt was a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and great-grandmother of 3. She was an 86-year-old widow living in a nice little bungalow with her oldest daughter and a beagle-dachsund named Addie. She passed away in November, 2018.

11 thoughts on “A Staycation Day in Adams County, Ohio”

  1. What a lovely day. I love going to Adams County and Miller’s, especially those cheese ! Yum. Looks like you had perfect weather too.

  2. Oh Lillian…we have dear friends & former neighbors who own the funeral parlor in West Union!! How nice that you got to visit their charming area. Perfect little get-away!
    p.s. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a glider!!! Someday I’ll buy myself one.

  3. I agree with your daughter, Lillian, the back roads are the best! And a covered bridge to boot! A real favorite of mine – along with the horses of course!!

  4. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day! I do love visiting Amish areas. We got some swiss cheese at an Amish store in New York about 4 years ago and it was very good – inexpensive too! The Amish are such good cooks too. Yummy!

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip! Very nice photo of you, and your daughter. If i was in that Millers store, I’d be looking for a big bag of licorice with the DGL in it. I’m glad you got to make the trip that included lovely weather.

  6. I’m pleased to learn of someone else who likes pumpkin fudge! I buy a small tray of it if I happen to shop the Mennonite bulk foods store in the next county during the fall season. I attempted to make some after finding several recipes online–my fudge was softer than the purchased variety–I had to eat it all over the course of a week or two during which I kept it refrigerated.

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