Mug Bag-Mug Rug as Easter Gift

eastermug (4)

Red Brolly is offering a free pattern for a really cute, easy-to-make mug carrier and mug rug.

Update 9/20/15 – A reader let me know that there is a problem with the above link and sent me some alternate ones for the pattern itself.  She said these links are intermittent but she was able to get a printout of the pattern.

The bag is designed to hold a medium sized mug about 6 inches tall x 3 inches diameter …

eastermug (10)
and has a pocket for some teabags.

eastermug (3)

eastermug (5)
There is an accompanying mug rug which folds up in back of the mug bag.

eastermug (9)
I have made four versions of the bag to use as gifts.  I made this one as an Easter gift for my granddaughter.

eastermug (2)

The fabric is from scraps of an Easter dress I made for her in 2011, back before she became a sophisticated going-on-12 lady who doesn’t wear pretty lace-trimmed dresses any more.


Instead of a mug, I’m using an 8-oz jar of jelly beans in the bag and will be putting a gift card in the pocket.

eastermug (1)

For my two daughters, I’ll have the mugs filled with candy and will have gift cards in the pocket.
eastermug (8)
I made one bag/rug to have ready to give to a good friend from Chicago who visits during the summer.
eastermug (6)
In her case, I made an embroidered mug rug that shows a painter because she’s a gifted artist.

eastermug (7)
I enjoyed making these bags and rugs out of scraps, including using up a lot of small batting pieces.  I included a snap and vintage button on each one.  It’s a pleasant afternoon’s project with just a bit of hand sewing.

Red Brolly’s post has some beautiful bags made from her pattern by other readers.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Lillian Applegate Westfelt was a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and great-grandmother of 3. She was an 86-year-old widow living in a nice little bungalow with her oldest daughter and a beagle-dachsund named Addie. She passed away in November, 2018.

18 thoughts on “Mug Bag-Mug Rug as Easter Gift”

  1. oooh how cute it that! I have not seen this pattern before. This looks like a super fun project and a great gift. Thanks for sharing! I already pinned it!

  2. Those are great, Lillian! You personalized them so nicely. I love this idea and hadn’t been to her site in a while. I like how you adapted it for your granddaughter. Thanks for the link!

  3. Hello. My daughter has fallen in love with this pattern but I can’t seem to find it online anymore. Do you know where I can find it? Thanks a bunch!

  4. I made my first bag yesterday, and it’s adorable. But mine turned out tiny!!!! It will not fit any kind of mug in it.

    1. I don’t understand what happened. I’ve made 6 or 8 of these from Red Brolly’s instructions without any problems.

  5. So, the website it shut down per their Facebook page. I’m desperately wanting to make one of these, have looked on YouTube even, and the ones I find are in a different language. Are measurements available? Now that the pattern is down, can you share it? Much obliged.

  6. Since there is a copyright on the pattern, I would not be able to share it. If I’m able to work it out with my adaptations, I’ll share it, but not sure I can do it correctly.

    1. I would love to be able to access the mug pattern also! If you are able to share it, I would be most grateful!

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