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For the past 7 years, my great-grandchildren have come to my house early in December to bake Christmas cookies.   My granddaughter wanted to continue the tradition of when she was a child and baked cookies at my house.

Granddaughter – 1995

First, there came a little girl, then a little boy, then my granddaughter married a man with two daughters to add to the crowd.  Last September, another boy came along and this year he was big enough to gather around the kitchen table with the rest of the kids.


My daughter who lives with me was on hand to help, but the kids really have everything down pat by now.


I wanted to give them some treat bags and found this cute, easy pattern by Red Brolly and made one for each child.

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When not eating pizza or making cookies, the kids like to get into a big box I keep filled with paper, crayons and markers.  My great-grandson was proud he could draw a Christmas tree.

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A good time was had by all.