My Knitting Projects for March


I’m a little late reporting on the knitting I completed in March (since it’s almost time for April’s projects), but here are my completions.

I spent a lot of time struggling with a personal project – knitting two pair of socks from the toe up and knitting both socks at once on circular needles.  I bought a wonderful video tutorial from Knit Freedom ( but had a difficult time, mostly because I didn’t switch yarn at the right time and had to unravel many, many times.  I thought it would be better if I tried a pair of slipper sox in heavier yarn with bigger needles and as I made mistakes and corrected them, would continue on to a pair in light fingering sox yarn and would do a much better job on them.  That didn’t necessarily happen, but I did get both pairs of socks completed.  They’re far from perfect but wearable and comfortable.

March (2)

As a future family member gift, I made a scarf of soft sport weight yarn in a pretty shade of pink.  This started out as a washcloth and since it was going well and was the right width, I just kept going, adding a section of plain knitting in the center.  I like this scarf very much.

Apr16 (1)

For Easter, I made each of my daughters a tiny basket that would hold one Cadbury egg.


For charity knitting, I tried an easy mitten pattern link (Basic cuff-up mittens on and made one pair for Scarf It Up, a group that supplies scarves, hats and mittens to the homeless in northern Kentucky, and the silver/tangerine pair for the Arkansas Special Olympics.

Apr16 (4)

I finished another pair of booties ( for a hospital near Columbus, Ohio ( )

Apr16 (5)

And, of course, more nests for the Wildlife Rescue group (  I always have one of these going on a spare set of needles.

March (1)

IL nests

I’m still enjoying my newfound hobby, although I get discouraged at times with my lack of progress.  An old dog can learn new tricks but it’s a much slower process than it would be for a young dog.

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Lillian Applegate Westfelt was a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, and great-grandmother of 3. She was an 86-year-old widow living in a nice little bungalow with her oldest daughter and a beagle-dachsund named Addie. She passed away in November, 2018.

7 thoughts on “My Knitting Projects for March”

  1. LOL, your last sentence made me laugh because it’s so true! I struggle with new things more, but I’m not taking up knitting! I think you did a great job on everything, and love how much you made for others. That’s so YOU. Those tiny Easter baskets are SO cute! So do you think you will continue knitting two at a time socks or stick with one?

    1. I love the idea of finishing both socks at once, but at my skill level, I don’t even want to make one sock at a time right now. Also, my younger daughter knits so well and keeps me well supplied with beautiful socks plus scarves, hats, mittens and shawls so I don’t really have to make anything for myself.

  2. These knitting projects are amazing! You’re so good! I love that your finished projects go to a helpful cause.

  3. Lillian, I am so proud,of you, you have really taken off with your knitting. Love all your projects and it looks like you are not afraid to tackle different something new. Yesterday I decided I wanted to start knitting a lap blanket for Alice’s Embrace, a charity that delivers shawls and lap blankets to those with Alzheimers. It is necessary that you use one of their patterns for consistency and all are done using two strands of worsted on size 13 needles. By last night my hands ached from knitting with two strands and decided that wasn’t for me. Think I will just go back to what I am used to, small projects, small needles. You inspire me. As soon as I finish this baby blanket I want to pick up the needles again. Bless you for your charity knitting, your a special lady. Hugs

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