I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my 84th birthday with my two daughters, son-in-law and two teenage grandchildren.  The three-day jubilee started on Friday with lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant and a ride on the brand-new downtown Cincinnati streetcar.  I especially enjoyed the ride through my old neighborhood where I grew up in the WWII years.

On Saturday, my son-in-law and grandchildren joined us for a fish taco lunch at our special Mexican restaurant and then the treat of riding for the first time while my grandson drove to a nearby cemetery on a beautiful sunny, blue-sky day.  There were small gifts on each of these two days.

Sunday brought everybody to my house for my younger daughter’s famous white cake with caramel frosting and gifts.  I received so many nice things, but my favorites are always the handmade ones.  My younger daughter, who has inspired me to take up knitting, made an amazing Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl.


This shawl measures about 52 inches in diameter and is made in the softest possible yarn with her perfect stitching.

One of my older daughter’s gifts was a lovely vase setting on one of her hand-crocheted doilies.


At first glance, I thought this was an addition to my Roseville collection but didn’t recognize the floral design.  Then, I found out my daughter made the vase by covering a glass jar with polymer clay and using her painting skills to make it look very similar to a vintage piece.


Every year, the two girls go out of their way to give me the best birthday celebration ever.  I wonder what they’ll do next year?