It Was a Very Good Year – 1947 – 1953

On July 13, 2012, my two daughters surprised me with a big box of wrapped gifts, informing me it was exactly 80 days until my 80th birthday and I would be able to unwrap one gift a day.  The gift items would commemorate a year in my life in some way.  This is what I received this week.

1947A 1947 magazine article about the Cincinnati Reds’ star pitcher, Ewell Blackwell.  I’ve always been a baseball fan and was particularly devoted to the Reds in 1947.  As usual, we had a pretty poor team but then Ewell Blackwell came within two outs of consecutive no-hitters (I’ve never forgiven Eddie Stanky of the Brooklyn Dodgers for ruining that moment) and dazzled everyone that season.

1948 – A set of leaflets showing the wonderful hair styles that could be achieved with cold wave permanents.  I always had naturally curly hair and never needed a permanent, but I remember my mother and sister trying every means to having pretty hair – and they succeeded. 

1949 – A 1949 baby care book which I would have loved when I had my first child in 1954.  This is really interesting to me but there’s a bonus –

…there’s a letter from the old French Bauer Dairy in Cincinnati which I can add to my collection.

1950 – My youngest daughter copied 26 songs from the 1950s, chosen by my oldest daughter who remembers hearing a lot of them when she was growing up in the 50s.

1951 – A 1951 baseball card for Cincinnati Reds third-baseman, Grady Hatton.  Ewell Blackwell, mentioned above, was a super-star, but the one all the girls liked was Grady Hatton.  He was young, single, and handsome.  I’m sure he made the Ladies’ Days at old Crosley Field a lot more crowded than they normally would have been.

1952 – A special piece my oldest daughter made from an Altoid tin.  I was 20 in 1952 – not old enough to vote but I admired Dwight D. Eisenhower from World War II days.  The inside of the tin shows a picture of me showing off my I LIKE IKE pin.

I was more of an Eisenhower fan than I was a Republican and I was so thrilled when he won.  I posted about that 1952 election here.

1953 – My youngest daughter knit a great dusting mitt from a 1953 pattern.

Here is the link to my daughter’s blog for the pattern and information:

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