A Doll’s Valentine Party


When I went to the kitchen for breakfast on this Valentine’s Day morning, I found my little doll table all set for a party.   There was a decorated cardboard box for collecting cards, an assortment of 1940s era Valentines, a luscious looking cake and a box of Valentine chocolates – all miniatures made and assembled by my daughter.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Doll’s Halloween Party

When I came out to the kitchen this morning, I found that my vintage doll table was set for a Halloween party.  There was a pumpkin and skull, a plateful of candy apples, cookies with bat and jack o’lantern designs and mugs for cider.

There was even a pretty black luncheon cloth with an orange crocheted edging.

My oldest daughter who lives with me had fashioned these tiny dishes out of clay (the plate of apples is about the size of a quarter) and made the little luncheon cloth.  All we need now are some miniature trick or treaters.