Goodbye, Darlene – RIP

Two years ago, Darlene and I were commenting on each other’s posts when she surprised me by asking if she could telephone me some time.  We were fellow Ohioans (she was transplanted from Indiana), separated by about 100 miles.  I agreed and that began two years of 45-minute phone conversations every Tuesday at 5 PM.  It was like having an over-the-back-fence conversation with a friendly neighbor.  We talked about everything – quilting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, family, our past, TV shows, favorite bloggers – there was never an awkward pause trying to think of something to say.  Darlene’s blog posts were full of LOLs and so were her phone calls – she was both interesting and interested and 45 minutes passed quickly.

A year ago, she told me about a lump she had developed on her jaw which she didn’t consider serious but the doctor insisted on further tests.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She never stopped being fun, interesting, cheerful and optimistic.

We had talked about meeting at a halfway point somewhere but time went by and she became too sick to travel.  A month ago, Darlene said, “I guess we’ll never meet, but I’ll see you in heaven.”  I asked my daughter to drive me to Columbus from our home near Cincinnati and we spent a pleasant afternoon with Darlene, her husband, her dog Maggie, and her cat Pancho.

From that time, Darlene’s condition worsened and on our last phone call, even though her husband had to bring the phone to her bedside, she said she was doing “pretty good”.

Darlene’s husband called yesterday to tell me that she had passed away at 8 PM on Saturday night.

Tuesdays at 5 PM will never be the same.

Darlene’s blog:

A Biscornu Pincushion from Darlene

Today, I found in my mailbox an Easter gift from my blogger friend, Darlene.  She sent me a pretty card and a biscornu pincushion she had made.  I was familiar with this type of work only because Darlene had blogged about it with this web site as reference:

I learned from this web site that a biscornu is an interesting 8-sided little pincushion.  The word “biscornu” (sometimes written “biscournu”) is derived from the French adjective meaning skewed, quirky or irregular.

Darlene’s tiny cross-stitch work is so beautiful.  What a nice surprise!

A Surprise Christmas Package

Yesterday, I found a package from my online friend, Darlene in Columbus, Ohio, setting by the front door.  Inside were three beautifully wrapped gifts.  The first one was this mini-quilt – she remembered I love scotties!

The next package contained a hand-crocheted bag for me to carry my books to the library.

The third gift was a delicious snack and an original Christmas card.

Christmas is so much fun with nice friends like Darlene.

Lunch and a Surprise Gift

Today I was invited to lunch by my oldest daughter and her long-time friend, S.E.  We met at the Silverton Cafe (Cincinnati),  home of extraordinary double-decker sandwiches. After we had ordered, S.E. handed me a beautiful gift box and this was inside:

This 3-1/4 inch pie looks so good you can almost smell the home-baked aroma.  S.E. hand-carved this out of basswood and painted it in a very realistic way.

The holder was her ingenious idea of a piece of an old bed spring.

The carving and painting are beautiful front and back.

The gift is especially touching to me because S.E. remembered that I love to bake pies – a real treasure.

And the sandwich was delicious!

A Surprise in the Mail

A couple of weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling very well, I went to the mailbox to find an envelope which contained this wonderful hand-crocheted pot holder and a pretty card which said, “I’m sending this to you as I thought you’d like it”.  It was a complete surprise from one of my favorite bloggers, Darlene, in Columbus, Ohio.  It’s amazing how this thoughtful gift immediately brightened my spirits and made me feel 100% better.

At the time, my digital camera had gone out on me, but I got a brand-new one for Mother’s Day and wanted this to be the first picture I took.

Darlene has a warm, friendly blog with news of her crocheting, quilting, family, dog and cat here.