A Short Trip to Amish Country – Holmes County, Ohio


Last week, my daughter and I had a chance to re-visit one of our favorite vacation destinations – Holmes County Amish Country (Ohio).  We’ve been visiting this area for 17 years and always stay in a cottage situated on a Mennonite farm.

MelMary_Oriole03Although the cottage looks rustic, it’s very comfortable with two bedrooms and an equipped kitchen.  My favorite spot is on the porch with a good book in my hand and surrounded by the most gorgeous scenery.  I count it among the three most beautiful places I’ve ever visited along with Vermont and Switzerland.


There are lots of cornfields ….

Amish-2015 (11)

and lots of horses …

Amish-2015 (4)

and lots of cattle.

MelMar_cattle03A short drive away are small towns with shopping (good quilt shops) and restaurants.  We especially like Troyer’s Market in Millersburg.  Their homemade ice cream is amazing.

Hersch04 (2)

Of course, the most interesting and charming sights are the Amish people going about their daily chores on their perfect farms and traveling in their black horse-drawn buggies.  I respect their wish that they not be photographed.

For a peaceful, quiet place to stay, we highly recommend Mel and Mary’s in Baltic, Ohio, and the nearby shopping in Charm, Walnut Creek, Millersburg and Sugar Creek.  I hope we get to go back again next year.

Holmes County Amish Country

Mel and Mary’s Cottages

Troyer’s Country Market

Antique Store Finds in Amish Country

This past week, my daughter and I made our annual trip to Holmes County Amish Country (north-central Ohio).  We traveled on Monday and Wednesday and had the full day Tuesday free for shopping in quilt shops, gift shops and a wonderful antique mall.  At the Antique Trading Post in Millersburg, I found this hanger with tiny china plates and cups which I would date to the late 1940s.  The china is crazed and worn-looking which I love and has my favorite Dutch motifs.

I’m always drawn to the little made-in-Japan pieces that I remember from my grandmas’ and aunts’ houses in the 1940s.  I couldn’t resist this salt and pepper set.

For my daughter and me, the main focus of the trip is the beautiful scenery, the great food and our stay on a Mennonite farm, Mel and Mary’s Cottages, but the shopping is also so wonderful in little towns like Berlin, Sugar Creek, Walnut Creek and my favorite name, Charm.  We like to go in the fall when the colors are at their prettiest and see the rolling farmland and all of the charming (and very friendly) Amish people.

Paradise in Amish Country


Ten years ago, my daughter and I started going to the Amish country of Holmes County, Ohio.  We just keep going back.  There is a little bit of paradise tucked away in the hills and vales of Holmes County.  The scenery is spectacular and everything is made charming and special by the presence of the Amish families going about their everyday lives. 

We always stay at Mel and Mary’s Cottages in Charm, Ohio, owned by a Mennonite farm family.  This is the view in one direction from our back porch.


And in the other direction ….


In the small town of Charm is one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast, Grandma’s Homestead Restaurant.   Their buffet includes all the usual hearty farm breakfast ingredients plus a table full of big slices of fruit pie.


There’s shopping nearby including a wonderful quilt shop, Miller’s Dry Goods.

In the Holmes County  Amish area, there are so many wonderful quilt shops, restaurants, gift shops, cheese shops…..the list goes on and on.  A new discovery for us this year was Troyer Country Market near Berlin.  You can read more about this and the Amish country in my daughter’s blog.

The shopping is great, the food is wonderful, but the main attraction is the countryside and its beautiful families.