Collecting Collectibles


Sometimes I wonder how I’ve managed to accumulate so many collectibles.  Here are two recent examples.

Yesterday, my older daughter and I stopped by an estate/yard sale and rummaged through the small items.  I found this small Hull pitcher for $3.00.  It has a repair on the handle, but I like these small containers for flowers, so that doesn’t bother me at all.


I worked in an office for most of my life and enjoy vintage desk accessories.  I saw this note/calendar pad for $1.00 and picked it up immediately.



Then I opened it and saw my father’s name “John Applegate” (he passed away in 1978).  That cinched it.  My father kept his harness horses in Barn A at our local county fairgrounds and we thought there was a very slim chance that the notation “BLD A” might refer to him some way.


I Googled the company name, Shepard & Young Tool Co., and found it was a business based in Birmingham, Michigan, incorporated in 1956 and dissolved in 1986.  It’s not likely, but possible, that someone used this corporate giveaway to make some notes here in Ohio.  Either way, I like the piece which has a 1960 calender.


So, I have two more collectibles to enjoy.  The pitcher will be used throughout the summer for the fresh flowers that my daughter arranges and the desk pad will set right by my computer with a refill of fresh paper.