Five Good Vintage Finds


In the past week or so, I’ve had good luck in finding five vintage pieces to add to my ever-growing collections.  The first was from eBay – a 1930s era paper fan with artwork by Fern Bisel Peat (1893-1971).  I collect vintage scottie pieces and this one is in near-mint condition.

ScottieFan (2)

The back shows an advertisement for Triena children’s laxative (Allied Drug Products of Chattanooga) that was for sale by Farmers Mercantile in Nelagoney, Oklahoma.

ScottieFan (1)

I found three wonderful items in antique malls – a Homer Laughlin gravyboat ….


….a Jadeite bowl with lip ….


…. and a set of chubby pre-WWII made-in-Japan bird salt/pepper shakers.  I’m particularly drawn to these birds which were sold in dime stores in the 1930s.


The last item, and the biggest bargain, was found in a Goodwill thrift store for less than $3.00.  This Roseville child’s plate is well worn and faded, obviously used a lot, which I prefer in my pieces.  There was one in almost identical condition selling on eBay for $25.


It’s unusual for me to buy this many pieces in a short period of time, even at good prices, but when I see them, I grab them.


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McKee Jadeite Bowl – Thrift Store Find

jbwl (1)

Saturday on our way to lunch in our small town of Loveland, Ohio, my daughter and I stopped off at a thrift store sponsored by our local autism group.  My daughter spied this great McKee jadeite bowl for only  $10.  It’s a nice size serving bowl measuring 8 inches diameter by 2-1/2 inches deep.

jbwl (3)

I have a lot of jadeite, mostly Fire King, so this was a new piece to add to the collection.  I use my jadeite as my everyday china and this bowl will get a lot of use.

jbwl (2)

We stopped at a favorite restaurant, Paxton’s Grill, and then drove on up the road to two more antique stores in Lebanon, Ohio, but I didn’t find any more bargains.

A Birthday Lunch with My Favorite Cousins

Buddy and Carol Ann, ca 1942

When I was growing up in the 1940s, my favorite aunt was my mother’s sister, Mabel.  Her two children, 9 and 6 years younger than I, were my favorite cousins.  They were the babies of the family and I loved watching them grow up.

Carol, Buddy and Mabel

Every year on Washington’s Birthday, February 22, we had a holiday from school and went to Mabel’s house to celebrate her little girl’s birthday which fell on February 23.   Mabel would have a cake purchased at the grocery store and decorated with the little hard sugar flowers and letters to spell out Happy Birthday, Carol Ann.

Carol Ann, Third Grade

Yesterday, for the first time in over 60 years, I enjoyed a birthday lunch with my cousins.  My daughter and I invited them to meet us at the Cracker Barrel where we lingered for a couple of hours reminiscing.  As it turned out, it appeared to be a party for me because of all of the gifts Carol brought.  She has been an antique dealer for years and chose some special items from her personal collection that she thought I would like….

A tiny nesting hen covered dish…

A Jadeite hobnail bowl with handles…

A Snowbabies ornament, a Bakelite Scottie button, and a notebook dated 1939, filled with handwritten recipes.

In addition, she brought a stack of greeting cards that my family had sent to them in the 1940s and 50s ….

All of the things I love the most.

After all these years, they’re still my favorite cousins.  Happy Birthday, Carol.