Small Lone Star Wall Hanging


The first time I tried a Lone Star type quilt, I wasn’t happy with the results.  The points weren’t sharp, the center didn’t lay flat and the entire quilt was difficult to square up.  This was my post about the first quilt.

I wanted to try another Lone Star but not a huge quilt and heard about Kaye Wood’s Small Lone Star, one of many projects in her book, Quilt Like a Pro, using her Starmaker 8 ruler.  I’m happy to say that the ruler and her instructions made the difference between a quilt with problems and a wall hanging which I consider to be very nice and with just a few places that are not perfect – my fault since I have difficulty with  precision measuring, cutting and sewing.  


The “small” wall hanging is 23×23 inches with only binding, no border.  I machine quilted the piece with in-the-ditch stitching around the diamonds and decorative stitching in the squares and triangles.

For the backing, I took quite a few more hours to piece together a lot of scraps of various sizes, and I like the patchwork look of this.


Some day I might undertake another bed-sized Lone Star quilt, but for now I’m happy with the smaller version – and it even has some green in it, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.