Primitive Pinwheels Twister Table Topper Quilt

Betty Lou at Sugarland Quilts had a post about this quilt and I knew I had to make it.  It finishes at 11x 12-¾ inches, just the right size for my mini-quilt rack.

For Mother’s Day, I asked for the kit which includes 30 medium/dark 3-½ inch charm squares, ¼ yd. of border and binding fabric and the Primitive Pinwheels tool plus instructions for $20 from Primitive Gatherings:

Click here to see the pattern.

The 30 blocks are sewn together along with the border and then cut into 2-½ inch squares with the special tool.

The smaller squares are sewn back together to form pinwheels.  Follow the pattern directions doing one row at a time to avoid confusion and mixing up the squares.  If you lay the rows out on a mat as you sew, you can see how the pinwheels come together.

The next time I will be more careful about putting fabrics too similar in color/value on top of each other in the rows and will avoid placing very dark fabrics next to the dark border.

Trimming with the tool leaves scraps which can be trimmed to 1-½ inch squares and by adding some sashing and a few pieces from my scrap basket, I was able to make the backing.

This was a fun project and makes an interesting primitive piece.