A Hoosier Christmas Greeting


In 1996, I was doing a lot of sketching and decorative painting.  It was also the year I found the perfect Hoosier cabinet at a good price in a local antique store.  It became the theme of my homemade Christmas cards that year.  I sketched and then printed out the cards but I didn’t have a color printer at the time, so each sketch was hand-water-colored.

This year I finally found the perfect 1930s era Hoosier kitchen cabinet – just about my age!  It has become the baking center of all the holidays but has never looked prettier than at Christmas time.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and the chance to find something you have always wanted.

December, 1996

The old Hoosier cabinet still means just as much to me and the greeting from almost 20 years ago still rings true.