A Round Tablecloth from Scraps


I recently made a small Linus quilt with red/white/blue scraps I had accumulated.  I was determined not to put the bag of scraps back into storage and was looking for other fabric to use to make another project.  I found a ½ yard piece of a fabric I’ve had for about three years and never wanted to cut into.  I used this as the centerpiece of a large round tablecloth.


I used a pattern called New Water Wheel and adapted it to use the size pieces I had the most of from my scrap bags plus a few pinwheel blocks left over from the Linus quilt.  Even the binding was cut from strips of red scraps.  Backing was made from some scrap curtain material.


I used small pieces of the focus fabric combined with red/white/blue scraps to make two large mats that can be placed over the tablecloth to cut down on laundry.