Modern Sunbonnet Wall Hanging

For my birthday in 2009, my oldest daughter made up a bunch of hand embroidered redwork pieces featuring sunbonnet ladies doing various phases of quilting.  She got her patterns from Quilting Bee Designs.  I made up the first wall hanging using some of the panels in 2010:

Sunbonnet Quilters

Busy Quilt Room

Airing the Quilts

I was down to my last seven panels and used six of them to make a final wall hanging.  I like these blocks which have old-fashioned sunbonnet ladies working with all of the modern conveniences – designing on the computer, unloading fabric from the trunk of a car, washing in a modern washing machine, using the latest rotary cutters and sewing machine.  I used an alternate block called Road to Oklahoma from my Electric Quilt 6 software.

After I had assembled the top, my daughter took it back to hand quilt.  Her work is so beautiful.

I finished the quilt off with label, sleeve and binding.  For the label, I printed a recent picture of my daughter and me along with the description on fabric.

It makes a beautiful wall hanging and a fitting finale to working with some wonderful redwork embroidery.

I made up the 7th block as a mini-quilt for my tabletop rack and did some very simple machine quilting.

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Sunbonnet and Quilt Wall Hanging

My oldest daughter made two beautiful cross-stitch pictures for me.  One shows a back-to-school scene with a quilt, lunch pail, slate and books.  I placed this piece in a rustic wooden frame.

The second piece shows a quilt, and a sunbonnet on an old wooden chair.

I decided to make this into a  wall hanging, using a 3-½ inch Dresden Plate as the center and half Dresden plates along the edge.

The quilting is also done in a half-Dresden Plate design.

The finished hanging measures 18 x 23 inches.

It’s nice to have two new end-of-summer pieces to display.

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Busy Quilt Room Wall Hanging

About a year ago, my oldest daughter gave me a birthday gift of some beautiful redwork panels she had embroidered from patterns by Quilting Bee Designs.  I’ve been working on turning them into wall hangings throughout the year and just completed the largest one of the group – a scene that shows a sunbonnet lady working on her design wall.

I love all the details in the piece – the shelves with the fabric stash, the slightly messy appearance with snippets of material on the floor ….

….and the award ribbons on the wall – two first place and one second (not every quilt is a blue ribbon winner!).

I like the idea that the 1880s-dressed lady is making her quilt with modern conveniences like a sewing machine and an iron, a rotary cutter and the latest rulers.

I wanted to highlight my daughter’s beautiful hand embroidery and kept the border simple.  From my Electric Quilt 6 software, I chose Clay’s Choice as the corner blocks and arranged Hour Glass blocks for the border.

The piece would have been better with my daughter’s hand quilting, but she had other projects she was working on, so I did some very simple machine quilting.

The center section measures 16×12 inches and the complete wall hanging is 28x 24 inches.  After photos in the backyard, I brought it in to hang on my computer/sewing room door.

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