The Chickens Have Come to my June Kitchen

I had a post in 2008 that told how these two pieces came about:

A redwork potholder comes in handy.

My favorite set of dishes is Bob Timberlake’s Ella’s Rooster

I thought it only appropriate that I should display my 1945 edition of The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald.  

The book is so much better than the 1947 movie with Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.  I have all of Betty MacDonald’s books – they are hilarious and great reading.

A Mini Quilt Becomes a Table Cover

Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue has a really nice tutorial for a “Sew Small Sampler Quilt” with 3-½ inch unfinished blocks.  She has directions for 12 old favorites plus measurements for background blocks to set the quilt on point.  The blocks are not difficult and Deanna offers to help anyone who needs a little more direction in making the quilt.

I decided to add borders and size the piece to fit my 1930s era sewing table.

I chose to use up a lot of green scraps to steer this piece in the direction of St. Patrick’s Day.

I did very simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting along with a free-hand pinwheel motif in each block…

…and decorative stitching in the borders.

As I was piecing the blocks, I used 1-¼ inch scrap blocks as leaders and enders, and by adding a few extra strips of fabric, had enough to make the backing.

The piece measures 26x 16 inches and will be nice for my March sewing table cover.

Check out Deanna’s tutorial for a good project.

Round Patchwork Tablecloth

Recently, my oldest daughter moved back home and one of the items she brought with her was a great Bob Timberlake drop-leaf kitchen table.

It even matched up well with my 1930s era chairs.

When the leaves are extended, I have a round table about 47″ diameter.  There is also a handy drawer that opens from two sides.

The problem was I’ve never owned a round table or round tablecloth.  I thought I might use this as a good excuse to use up a lot of scraps and make a patchwork tablecloth.  I basically made a piece of cloth 52″x52″ from every scrap I could find in the colors of green, yellow and pink.  I started out using all the small pieces, cutting 2″x2″ squares.  When that fabric ran out, I started cutting strips 2″ wide, sewing them together and then sub-cutting them in 2″ wide pieces.    It wasn’t difficult work, but I hadn’t counted on how much time it would take to put together enough  2″ squares/strips to make a 52″ square of fabric.  I finally completed it, cut the pieced fabric in a circle, and sewed it to a backing fabric with stitching going across the cloth in 6 places.  Then, I put on a binding and had a tablecloth that I really like and that cost nothing but time – a lot of time.

My daughter reminded me that I have a set of dinnerware, also by Bob Timberlake, called Emma’s Rooster.  I’ve been using the dinnerware for about 20 years, but it should look even better and feel right at home on the new table.

Quilted Scottie Table Cover

tableOne of my Christmas gifts from my oldest daughter last year was a hand-appliqued red table cover.  She has been winning awards for all types of needlework – crocheting, tatting, embroidery, bobbin lace, etc. – since she was 12 years old, but she had never tried needle turn applique.  She let me admire the table cover then took it back to hand quilt it, which was also a new art for her.

This Christmas, I received the table cover back, completely bound and finished.  It’s gorgeous.

bestfullEvery inch of the cover is filled with beautiful hand-stitching.



This piece has been transformed from a really nice hand-appliqued item to an heirloom and my daughter has two more areas of expertise to add to her list.