Collectibles of the Week – Vintage Wall Pockets

I have so many wonderful collectibles acquired over the last 80+ years. Some were gifts, some were part of my life growing up, some are inherited, some were purchased at antique malls and thrift stores – all are precious to me. Some items are kept up year-around while others are brought out seasonally and on holidays. Unfortunately, many priceless-to-me objects go undisplayed and unseen for years. Each week, I’m going to pull out an item and post COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK.

A vase usually with a flat back for attachment to a wall

I have a small collection of vintage wall pockets that are displayed year-around. Three of them were gifts from my daughter …





…and one pocket I bought about 25 years ago because it matched my 1952 wedding china.


These pockets hang on one part of the overhang in my kitchen.


Another pocket from my daughter is another horse/horse shoe combination that hangs over my living room door …

WP-horse-LRI’ve heard some people say the horse shoe should be pointing up to hold in all the good luck and others say it should be pointing down to pour forth good fortune. I have one of each, so I’m covered either way.

Pause and Remember – 5/25/2012

On Friday, I pause and remember a single, wordless moment from the past week – inspired by The Warden’s Log.

An old friend is back on the mantel

Last January when I was taking down Christmas decorations and putting up my old treasures, I dropped a Roseville Brownberry vase and shattered it beyond repair.  I was especially upset because my daughter had given it to me as a birthday gift 25 years ago.   I’ve been looking for a replacement since then and finally found one on eBay.  The original was in perfect condition, but this one has a small chip which made it affordable.  I love to look up at the mantel and see my old friend again.