Walking the Trail with Rusty


Our local park has a lovely trail that makes you feel as though you are in the woods on an old farm.  The trail is cleared enough to be able to walk comfortably and get really close to a wide variety of trees, flowers and … weeds.  My 8-year-old mixed hound, Rusty, loves to go on the trail.  Unfortunately, he has a thing about riding in cars and always looks completely despondent until I take him out of the back seat and he sees where he is.  Then, it’s pure joy as he investigates every inch of every plant on our walk. 


We didn’t expect to see any really colorful fall foliage this year after a dreary, hot, drought-ridden summer, but the trees are spectacular in spite of the bad treatment nature gave them this summer.


There are a lot of almost deformed trees along our walk.  These are two of my favorites. 



This is always a slow, leisurely walk, giving Rusty all the time he wants to sniff.  He’s had some health problems, so after 20 minutes or so, we’re both ready to head back to the car.