Little Boy Blue Quilt


I had the idea for this quilt two years ago and made it to enter in the Warren County Fair (Ohio) where it won 3rd prize. 

The pattern was taken from a wonderful book, Embroidered Childhood Memories by Brenna Hopkins & Nori Koenig, American Quilter’s Society, Paducah, KY.  The book includes more than 100 vintage patterns from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s – “Nostalgic needlework patterns capture the enchantment of fairy tales, lullabies and sweet dreams.”  I used the patterns for crayon coloring on white fabric.  I drew the pattern on the fabric with a permanent fine-point pen, using a light box, then colored the pattern with crayon and heat set by placing a piece of white paper over the coloring and pressing it. 

I chose the snowball block to show off the pattern and used a variety of blue, green, yellow and white fabric in the piecing to complement the crayon colors. 



I put the quilt away, thinking it would go to the first great-grandson in the family, and he came along on November 15, 2007.  I made up a label for the quilt and waited for my chance to present it to little Curtis.


I saw him for the first time last night.  Curtis didn’t have an opinion, but his mother and big sister liked the quilt.