I  have so many wonderful collectibles acquired over the last 80+ years.  Some were gifts, some were part of my life growing up, some are inherited, some were purchased at antique malls and thrift stores  – all are precious to me.  Some items are kept up year-around while others are brought out seasonally and on holidays.  Unfortunately, many priceless-to-me objects go undisplayed and unseen for years.  Each week, I’m going to pull out an item and post a COLLECTIBLE OF THE WEEK.

My collectibles this week are from the Butler County (Hamilton, Ohio) Fair.  This has remained one of our favorite fairs for over 50 years because it has never changed from being an oldtime county fair.  My only complaint about the present-day fair is they no longer have harness racing.

One of my favorite collectibles from 14 years ago is a coverlet with all of the things I love about a fair – horses, farm animals, displays, the midway, fruit and vegetable exhibits.  It comes out every year to display on the couch and usually winds up wrapped around one of the grandchildren.

Another favorite which I’ve had for about 20 years is an original photograph from the year they built a new grandstand – 1913.  Click on pictures to enlarge.


In later years I received a gift of a copy of the complete panoramic photo of that glorious day in Hamilton.


I love the old touring car and all of the dressed-up clothes the people were wearing.



From about the same era, I have a Ruby Glass tiny cup with the inscription – Butler County Fair – 1915.


My older daughter and I visited the fair yesterday to check out the exhibits by her and the younger daughter.  They accumulated a pile of ribbons including a blue ribbon for the younger daughter’s knitted shawl and a Best of Show for the older daughter’s crocheted doily.  It’s the 164th year for the Butler County Fair and it’s still the best fair in our area.